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"Traditions Lost"  2016   Oil / Acrylic / Ink

is a painting of a bison skull and the title of this piece has alot to do with the skull portrayed and how as time passes, we lose more and more of our heritage and traditions. As my ancestors would hunt bison for food and materials taking only what they need, others hunted them for only their hide, leaving them on the brink of extinction. This painting personally serves as a reminder to thank those who dedicate their lives to keeping our history and tradtions alive and to always remember and teach others, especially my young son, what my Mother, Grandmother, and Friends in the Cherokee Nation have taught me.


Original: SOLD

"Traditions Lost" 16x20

  • This is a canvas print and will come with a black border around artwork which adds for a nice border if you'd like to frame or have a professional stretch the canvas around a frame.