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"Slick Style"  2018   Colored Pencil

As part of my experiment to meet other Native Americans thru social media and get to know them, I also want to place their artform in my artwork so that others in Oklahoma can learn about them. This is Levi Blackwolf and here is his story:


"My name is Levi Blackwolf and I am from the Warm Springs Tribe but I am also half Yakama. The Horse Tail dance is very traditional as is the way I dress; No leggings, shorts, tights or shirt. Just beadwork and we call that "Slick Style" in the Pacific Northwest. My Mom & Dad were dancers but horstail is being brought back from the old days just this last 10ish years that I have known anyway. The colors and design are the same as my Moms outfit. I chose this so that when we ride in parades, and Pow Wows we would match. Most importantly though is because I love her very much!! Her Grandmas Sister made her a beaded out with this design and color as a kid and that's how she it to this day. I continue the design and color. I've been dancing since I could walk." 


Original: Available & Call for Pricing

"Slick Style" (20 x 20)

  • This is a canvas print and will come with a black border around artwork which adds for a nice border if you'd like to frame or have a professional stretch the canvas around a frame.