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"Sincerely, Andrew Jackson"  2017   Acrylic, Ink, & Prismacolor Marker

Sincerely, Andrew Jackson was inspired by my recent review of President Jackson's letter to Congress in regard to the Indian Removal Act of 1830. His handwriting is seen her replicated in the background and depicts a woman left out in the cold, forcibly removed from her homeland, wrapped in a red blanket in the snowfall. Many lives were lost on the Trail of Tears and the red blanket symbolizes those whose lights were extinguished. If you've never read Jackson's words, I would encourage you to do so. This had an effect on not just Cherokee, but the ancestors of my friends from many tribes. I want others to not just appreciate the art, but also remember the historical acts of the U.S. Gov't that are withheld from our history books and swept under the rugs of the White House. Their inability to keep their words onTreaties signed and how they amend the meanings only to garnish those valuable resources or any materials they want from anyone of their choosing. It is our duty to tell their story and pass down this history to all of our youth, and always question those representing us as citizens of the United States so that this heartache does not happen to another generation. 



Original: Available & Call for Pricing

"Sincerely, Andrew Jackson" (18x24)

  • This is a canvas print and will come with a black border around artwork which adds for a nice border if you'd like to frame or have a professional stretch the canvas around a frame.