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"NDN CAR"  2018  Acrylic / Ink


Inspired by a song that was written by Mr. Keith Secola who is an award-winning figure in contemporary Native American music. He is an Ojibwa with the Anishinabe tribe born in Cook, Minnesota. I've always took pride in being Cherokee and so many things I see from NDN Taco Sale for student fund raisers to signs by activists stating NDN POWER, I wanted to have a little fun with this piece. I grew up and went for rides in many NDN Cars from Friends, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins growing up around Tahlequah, OK. And now as a young professional artist and Dad, my NDN CAR is now an SUV with kids toys but I'm sure we all still consider the vehicle we drive now, an NDN CAR. I hope you all enjoy this piece that brings back special memories to me personally and the vintage Oklahoma tag. Also, give a listen to Mr. Keith Secola's hit Indian Car on YouTube and follow him on Instagram! I hope to send him one of these prints to say thank you for writing such a great song. 


Original: Available & Call for Pricing

"NDN CAR" 8 x 12

  • This is a canvas print and will come with a black border around artwork which adds for a nice border if you'd like to frame or have a professional stretch the canvas around a frame.