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"Jisdu: The Trickster"  2016  Oil / Acrylic / Ink

is a painting of one of nature's most mischevious animals, the Rabbit. Jisdu is how we say Rabbit in Cherokee and there are many stories passed down about the Rabbit. My favorite is told by Robert Lewis who is a Cherokee Treasure in Storytelling. He tells one story about Rabbit and Possum looking for a wife, and how Rabbit's trickery leads to Possum's appearance. We have many Rabbits that live on our land and come close to the house in the morning to eat and visit with my very young son who wants nothing more than to pet one. This colorful painting also pays homage to a fellow Cherokee artist who I have very much respect for and enjoyed meeting as a very young child at Pow Wows and Art Shows. Bill Rabbit is a Cherokee Treasure who passed away due to chemicals from his service during the Vietnam War. He was quoted as saying, "I never saw a rainbow I didn't like" which is why this Jisdu is extremely colorful peering over the brush to see the perfect rainbow. 


Original: SOLD

"Jisdu: The Trickster" 8x12

  • This is a canvas print and will come with a black border around artwork which adds for a nice border if you'd like to frame or have a professional stretch the canvas around a frame.