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"A Cherokee Treasure"  2018   Colored Pencil

I've always been very close to both of my parents and have always been proud of what they've done for me and my siblings. As an artist, you hope someone or an admirer will come to enjoy, love, and cherish what you create much like you do as a parent when you create a child. Many artists feel this way about a piece of art they make in the many mediums in world. A Master Craftsman is the highest award given by the Chief, nominated by other Master Craftsman, to an artist of the Cherokee Nation. They are called "Treasures" as they themselves have mastered and taught others our traditions and art forms. I'm lucky to have 2 as my Grandmother, Betty Scraper Garner (passed) & my Mother Vivian Garner Cottrell. I've always been amazed at what they've done and could do with their hands and taught us the traditional way of making baskets. I use to weave as a young child, BUT let's just say the reed was put to far better use in the hands of the masters. My Grandmother always supported creativity and suggested I try and draw. Turns out that is where my gift would lie and my parents, family and friends never stopped encouraging me to develop that gift. This is a drawing of one of my Mother's baskets and I wanted to capture at least one of her treasures that she produces to show everyone how beautiful basketry is from finding the right piece of cane, splitting it, soaking it, dying it, and weaving it to form. Even her honeysuckle baskets are amazing. I would love to one day hold the honor of Master Craftsmen as my Mother and Grandmother have and hope I make them proud with the artwork I do to spread our heritage and stories as Cherokees to others. My Mom is a Cherokee Treasure but each story she tells, prayer she says, and basket she weaves, is a treasure all its own. 


Original: Available & Call for Pricing

"A Cherokee Treasure" (16 x 19)

  • This is a canvas print and will come with a black border around artwork which adds for a nice border if you'd like to frame or have a professional stretch the canvas around a frame.